Writing Assignment – The Room

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Writeku-assignmentYour Assignment

Following the thrust of the last blog I wrote on how to write dialog, I am going to give, to those of you who dare, an assignment that will challenge your dialog skills.

The Setting

You are in your bedroom as it was when you were a child of, say, seven- to ten-years old, with the exception that there is no ...

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I wrote 5,000 Words a day for 8 days – Daily Journal

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eric-on-chair350x“….anti-radar paint, turbo-charged, nobody can stop us now, J.J., nobody!”

– Captain Chaos, Canonball Run


At least this is what’s going through my mind at this moment (all without the Captain Chaos mask).

Seriously though…I got my chicken biscuit with egg, water, yogurt parfait, and then there was the quick stop off at Trader Joe’s for a dark chocolate truffle candy ...

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